Body is a place of awareness.

Body is a place of awareness. Body doesn’t lie.

My body tells me what I am really feeling at this moment. Is it a yes or a no? Do I trust? Does it feel right? Usually, when I don’t feel anything in my body, I am numb: out there in my head, creating stories and strategies of how to get something or to become someone who I think I should be.

When I pay attention to my body, I become aware of what is really going on at this moment. What experience I am going through. What is true for me at this moment. 

Body is a place of awareness. A place of knowing. A place of inner wisdom and intelligence. The paradox is that I can only discover myself when I let go of the need to control and to know. When I trust the bigger intelligence in my body and follow my rhythm. When I trust the moment and am open to receive. This can be a joyful or frightening experience, but this is where I meet myself and my own truth. 

For some people joy can be as frightening as anger or sadness for others. But by avoiding to feel our body we avoid our truth. We don’t trust ourselves and our senses, but instead look for appreciation and truth outside.

Embodied Meditation creates a space to be present and to listen to what is true to you. To give full attention to your own experience. To trust your wisdom. To bring your energy into motion.

Becoming aware of your body is a compass on a journey to your true self.

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