Anna is constantly exchanging and working together with excellent experts to help you to feel at home in your body.
Sabine Kirchner, Naturheilpraxis & TCM

Sabine Kirchner, Naturheilpraxis & TCM

Sabine is an excellent Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in Berlin. Sabine listens mindfully and uses her professional medical know-how, to quickly allocate, name and treat blocked energies. She works with classical acupuncture, herbs and offers Qi Gong classes.

Ilka Stoedtner, Tantra & Body Therapy

Ilka offers seminars for an adventurous, sensual and empowering journey to discover the inner self, to live one’s own dream in fullness. In her work she connects Tantra with modern methods from body psychotherapy and bioenergetics. She uses exercises from bioenergetics, Holotropic Breathwork, Rebirthing and elements from Tantra Yoga. Annual group, weekend seminars, women’s seminars, couple’s seminar in Portugal – there are a variety of ways to dive into this world and experience the own body as a source of aliveness.