Leadership Coaching

Feel your natural power.
Lead from your center!


Leadership Coaching brings you into your power and opens access to new resources.
In the sessions you explore concrete situations from your everyday business and life. You connect physical, emotional and intellectual levels by using breath, words, movements. You work with the intelligence of your body to get a deeper understanding and integrate this knowledge into real life.

As a result you:

  • Learn to see and to be present with what is
  • Gain more confidence and trust in yourself (and others)
  • See with fresh eyes new possibilities when you are stuck
  • Communicate precise and clear while at the same time empathetic and respectful
  • Respect your boundaries and boundaries of others
  • Cooperate instead of compete

This relaxed state of open perception, connection to the essence and resulting clarity has an effect far beyond the coaching and builds the base for leadership in business and life. A typical Leadership Coaching session takes one and a half hours and can be done in person or online. 

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    “I always have a feeling of lightness, deep presence and peace after taking Anna’s classes. It is much needed especially when we are on the “thinking” and “autopilot” mode.” “

    Marie-Louise, The Fulfillment Coach

    “From the very beginning, Anna was never interested in turning me into a specific type of leader. Instead, she encouraged me to become the unique leader I was meant to be.”

    Aaron Thornburgh, Head of Product, Eyeo GmbH 

    “Es ist ein Einstieg zu mir selbst. Für mich bringt Embodied Meditation eine unglaubliche Freiheit, dem zu folgen, was gerade sein möchte.”

    Sandra Eingruber, Unternehmensberaterin und Leadership Coach

    “I can fully recommend Anna to people who are not scared to be confronted with the things we’re usually trained to hide.”

    Steffen Kiedel, CFO Eyeo GmbH

    “Ich komme wieder mehr in Kontakt mit mir, mit meinem Körper. Ich werde gelassener und kann meinen Mitmenschen offener und liebevoller begegnen.”

    Sebastian Spielhofer, Praxis für Osteopathie

    “Ich habe gelernt: Wenn ich auf meinen Körper höre, fällt es mir leichter, Entscheidungen zu treffen.”

    Jörg Hunke, Journalist und Medientrainer