Let go of thinking how things should be. Notice what it is.

Oh my! This is probably the bottomline of the whole Embodied Meditation. I am practicing it every day and this is still my biggest challenge. I spend a lot of time in my head, holding on to how things should be. 

Yesterday I woke up and I had this image of dropping myself into my body. Each time I would think of how things should go, I just let myself relax into my body and feel what is present in the moment. This is what I discovered during the day:

It is unbelievable how much time I spend during my day waiting for things to happen exactly the way I want them to be… No comment here.

It is really deliberating to have no expectations. This way I cannot be disappointed and I don’t need to hold on something or someone, but instead have space to breathe.

I can get curious again about what will happen next. There is plenty of space for something unpredictable to happen and to be surprised.

There is a synchronicity happening, things just follow their own rhythm and fall into place, without my doing. 

I enjoy everything that is happening during the day with more presence and freedom. Everything can, nothing must.

All my non-expectations are exceeded. When I let go of how things should go, they go much better than I could have imagined. 

I felt productive, joyful and peaceful at the end of the day. I realize how much more is possible when I let go of control and get present.

Want to try it? 

15 Oct 2020, Berlin

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