Connecting Body Intelligence & Mind

I created Embodied Meditation for people like me who spend the most time in their heads: analyzing, evaluating, thinking through, figuring it out. For people who find it challenging to feel their feelings, to sense their bodies, to hear their own voice and act with integrity in the middle of noise. 

And while Eastern Meditation Practices focus on bringing one from the ground to the top, on overcoming the physicality and raising above, Embodied Meditation brings me from my head into my feet, into my body, down to earth. It encourages me to use my senses in order to feel and have a direct experience, and to use my mind to become aware of my experience.

Embodied Meditation is about moving. I need to move in order to connect to and feel my body. Sometimes it is big and expressive, sometimes it is subtle and small. My experience is changing as I move, and I learn to move with my experience instead of holding and getting stuck in it. By following the movements of my body I learn to trust and to see the bigger picture, to go beyond the obvious and to connect my body intelligence and my mind. To have the whole experience, to be whole. 

Embodied Meditation is about opening my senses, becoming aware of my experiences, moving forward and growing. It helps me to find peace and to feel joy. Joy of being alive, of being creative, of being myself.

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