The answers are in our body

So often we know a lot about ourselves, about what we want to change and what are we longing for. We reflect on our behavior, work on our limiting beliefs, get new insights and deepen the view. And while we understand so much about what we want and how things should be, nothing change in the way we act. Why is it so?

The answers are in our body. Our fears are in our body, our limiting beliefs are in our body, our emotions, experiences and perception of ourselves and others are in our body. What we try to change by changing our mind is often much easier and accessible when we pay attention to our body. The more space we can create within and around us, the more energy can flow through us, no matter what kind of emotions or circumstances we are dealing with.

When we learn to listen to our body and to connect its wisdom to the intelligence of our mind, we begin to experience that we are not the problems to be solved, but the worlds to be experienced. We experience ourselves and the world around us as sources of inspiration and joy. Which doesn’t mean the fear disappears, but there is enough space to dance with all of it.

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